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Otherways’ International Award-Acknowledgment program is based on a business-oriented association which focuses on the micro economic levels of small and medium sized companies deliberated to promote economic relations and establish new commercial and professional contacts. It is an ideal occasion in an international multi-sector forum that allows the “Award – Symbol” to act as an icon bordering on high quality standards and acting as a sustainable “trust factor”; t

The Award's Main Target Area

International Recognition & Prestige:Trophy acts as a concrete testimony of high Competence and Prestige in operating successful business achievements; an element of support for International Quality Reliance.
Promotional & Marketing Campaigns: Trophy helps acquire major marketing tools to maximize International Exposure especially in the Quality Performance area. (Quality Certificates – Paris / France, right to use the Award Image, Professional Video, Dialogue in a special issue of OMAC magazine, and other advertising materials…)

Trophy enhances valuable business opportunities by giving global Trust and International recognition for your Brand Name and Corporate Identity.

Purpose Of Otherways Association

Otherways’ Management & Consulting Association aims at putting in hands the necessary information for companies worldwide in order to promote their Management System, Communication and Development. It focuses particularly on the following themes:
Quality Management, Sustainable Development, Management by Objectives and Projects, Consulting, Planning & Marketing, Information Systems and Staff Management. In addition, it looks into creating a co-ordination of the interests of its members as well as facilitating the relations and experience exchange.

Criteria Of The Association

The criteria of selection are based on reports carried out periodically by our Marketing team through our Association Otherways Management & Consulting in Paris and other Consulting firms in Europe.
The selection criteria for the Quality Summit are based on information, polls and voting.
THE AWARD is presented to each company as entity for corporate achievements to recognize Prestige, Innovation, Quality and Technology. For this purpose, a voting process is carried out by mail, Internet or within awarded companies, based on one several of the following elements:
Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Continuing Education and trading, Business Results, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 27000, ISO 22000, TQM and TQCS (Total Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards).
In addition to the voting process, ASSOCIATION OTHERWAYS MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING – FRANCE and OTHERWAYS INT’L RESEARCH & CONSULTANTS gather information through consultation of the media, consulting companies, advertising agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, Polls; including the online macro pol. The selection committee then studies each element before taking the final decision in selecting the awardees.

Our Ceremonies

The award giving ceremonies offer incomparable opportunities for all the awardees to establish commercial and professional contacts. They give the chance to company representatives to present their company profiles, their innovations and contributions in an international forum that is attended by big multinationals.
The award is thus a communication tool serving the interests of the companies on display and a testimony of their efforts to achieve constant improvements in technological development and quality and their continuous struggle to improve their brand name.


OMAC is founded as part of Otherways Int’l Research & Consultants business stimulation and promotion program. Its aim is to forge links between companies which have been rewarded, thus establishing a continuity of relations and therefore, offering new business opportunities in the various yearly meetings. The members, coming from over eighty countries, represent almost all manufacturing and service sectors. Membership is open to all those companies that have been rewarded by OMAC.

The Club members are consulted each year so they can put forward companies, which in their experience have shown an outstanding business trajectory and satisfied their customers.
The Club services you can benefit from are the following:
A VIP Gold Membership Card;
Work meeting and secretarial facilities available at our business center;
Data support on request for all industrial, trade and tourism companies worldwide.
Technical visits and meetings will be arranged to the companies and factories worldwide to promote economic exchange, contacts and links between business people.
This gathering is an instrument of communication for all companies and a vehicle for mutual acquaintances