Exhibitions & Conferences Organizers

Awards are created as a part of a program of promotion of contacts and links between business people in the sector worldwide, offering its members an additional element of support and backing for promotional and marketing campaigns The Award is presented to each company as entity, for corporate achievement, to recognize prestige, innovation, quality and excellence for this purpose. A voting process is carried out by mail, internet or within awarded companies, based on one or several of the following concepts: customer satisfaction, leadership, continuing education and trading, business results, ISO and TQM. In addition to the voting process, we gather information through consultation of the media (press, radio and television), consultancy companies, advertising agencies, trade fairs and exhibits, chambers of commerce, embassies, polls, including the on-line macro poll analyzed by the selection committee, which makes the final decision to select the annual awardees. The ceremonies held on the occasion of the award presentation offer an incomparable opportunity for all the awardees to establish commercial and professional contacts. They have the chance of presenting their products in an international forum, counting on businessmen coming from the five continents. The companies that win the awards to make their firms known in a multi-sector forum and to be able to exchange experiences, make new commercial and professional contacts, to find out about innovations, new technologies, markets… The award is thus a communication tool serving the interests of the companies on display and a testimony of their efforts to achieve constant improvements in technological development and quality and their continuous struggle to improve their brand name. The event begins with a working session in which the prize-winning companies make presentations of their respective businesses and products and explain their main achievements, characteristics, projects, products… laying the bases for mutual knowledge and future relationships between them. Following this session, a dinner takes place after which the trophy will be remitted in the presence of representatives of the commercial authorities as well as members of the diplomatic corpse of the countries whose companies receive prizes. Our events take place all-year round in Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Rome, Vienna, New York, Berlin, etc…

Business Information System

A firm information base is essential to success because information is crucial to selecting appropriate technologies and identifying suitable suppliers or equipment, services, venture partners and distributors. The importance of information is also clearly demonstrated in the transformation of industry from an energy-intensive and material-based process to an increasingly flexible information or knowledge-based activity with corresponding changes in the pattern of global productivity.

In today’s borderless world, accurate and comprehensive information is necessary to:

  • Selecting appropriate technologies.
  • Identifying suitable suppliers of equipment, services, venture partners and distributors.
  • Ensuring the prudent expansion of dealer network.
  • Undertaking competitive research and analysis.

Other ways provides the user with quick, reliable and accurate essential information on firms and companies for business purposes, such as identifying potential partners.

The high quality of information provided is ensured first of all through a careful selection. The quality of information is then ensured by the thorough sourcing, checking and validation of information related to selected firms and companies by trained researchers and analysts, using sophisticated electronic data processing platforms.

Other ways gives you the ideal answer to the ever-increasing demand for business data. Its system of data collection and distribution has been developed over the years to provide a clear, well-structured presentation of companies and products worldwide.

It is built around two basic principles:

  • The reliability of information supplied, ensured by regular updating.
  • The use of the most up-to-date information technology.

We are a leading reference source for a large number of international organizations.
This system enables businesses to report their company information in one single notice. It includes businesses and corporations entered into the

  • Trade Register
  • Foundations Register
  • VAT register

and also such businesses and corporations which have filed a notice on the start of a business, but have not yet been entered into the registers mentioned above.

Financial Feasibility Studies for Various Types & Projects

Whether you are considering executing a major land development project, opening a new office, or just putting up a single building, a feasibility study is important in projecting cash flow, determining potential profit, and understanding tax implications.
One of the best ways to determine if a potential venture is financially feasible is to conduct an independent analysis of the expected financial results. Our financial feasibility studies will help you address a number of business start-up or expansion situations. These can include the feasibility of new entities, acquisitions of an existing business, introduction of a new product, or expansion of plant capacity.
Financial feasibility studies typically involve a market study or demand analysis to help determine and support assumptions regarding anticipated revenues. This helps company management decide whether or not to commit additional resources and/or borrow funds to finance a venture.

Although we tailor our studies to meet your unique needs, each study follows the same basic format:

  • Market study and demand analysis:
    • Conduct market research to identifyconsumer or buyer attitudes and preferences.
    • Define and describe the market.
    • Document the competitive situation.
    • Determine likely market potential and demand.
    • Determine potential partnership.
    • Identify applicable tax incentives.
    • Abide by time-frame considerations.
    • Find tax structure alternatives.
  • Financial feasibility:
    • Facility and construction costs.
    • Financing and capitalization.
    • Personnel requirements.
    • Revenue and operating expense analysis.
  • Cash flow and debt capacity Report:
    • Prospective balance sheets.
    • Prospective statements of revenues and expenses, cash flow, and debt service coverage.
    • Assumptions underlying the prospective financial statements.
    • The results of the market study or demand analysis.

Our study will benefit you by:

  • Providing an independent evaluation of your proposed venture’s financial feasibility.
  • Identifying market and financial factors that may have been overlooked in earlier development and conceptual stages.
  • Assuring potential lenders and/or investors that there is a reasonable basis for the assumptions used in the study.

Financial feasibility is tested using proposed or alternative investment scenarios. Return on investment of each scenario is analyzed and evaluated to determine the greatest return for the investor. Our expertise is usually highly appreciated in designing and conducting full-scale studies that consider investment and operating costs, the time value of money, risk and uncertainty, quality of available data, and sensitivity of assumptions.
The procedure adopted by our consultants ensures a precise and accurate approach for all kinds of studies:

Concept appraisal

  • Review of the client’s goals and objectives
  • Review of client’s commitment and purpose for entering the project
  • Assessment of the client’s experience and ability to successfully implement the proposed concept
  • Assessment of the client’s finances and budget in terms of the proposed concept’s investment requirement
  • Review of the proposed concept in terms of current trends
  • Review of the proposed concept in terms of consumer needs in the selected area
  • Assessment of the local availability of management and employee talent, skill, and experience required to successfully implement the concept (if needed)
  • Review of the proposed pricing strategy

Concept Feasibility

  • Identify target
  • Forecast total sales
  • Check the competition in the area
  • Consider the availability of labor and specific skills required
  • Consider lease, buy or build alternatives
  • Project sales and operating costs within the selected location
  • Project all building and furniture, fixture and equipment costs
  • Evaluate projected results

Business Plan Development

  • Review your purpose for planning
  • Decide on a structure for your plan
  • Fine tune your vision and mission
  • Describe your organizational structure
  • Plan your operational strategy
  • Describe your marketing strategy
  • Project your financial results
  • Find your break-even point
  • Prepare formal pro-forma financial reports including a cash flow report, income statement and a balance sheet
  • Determine the investment required
  • Justify the investment

Capital Attainment

  • Calculate the amount of capital required
  • Project the return on investment
  • Investigate potential sources of capital
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the capital that is available
  • Prepare a personal financial report
  • Prepare a loan proposal (if needed)
  • Determine how the loan will be repaid
  • Assist clients practice their approach prior to attending the loan meeting

Potential alternatives are often taken into consideration, identifying risk factors, gathering credible economic intelligence, and using quantitative analysis, fact-based research, and/or survey methodology to support theories and findings.
We often bring new ideas which improve the project’s overall economics in terms of revenue or through structural and staffing approaches that reduce cost.

Investment Studies & Management

One of the most significant decisions you might consider would be to invest your money. A successful project can yield significant financial returns by conducting rigorous market analysis and preparing strategies that take account of private sector and public policy perspectives.

Our professional and highly qualified team is able to provide services with general and specific information about business climate and opportunities in any country to businesses and individuals alike who want to invest their money against profitable returns.

Should you rely on us, we would organize visits and make contacts for potential partners on your behalf. We can also conduct feasibility studies for local production and assembly and research local venture capital firms, potential investors and financial incentives programs at the international, national and regional levels.

We can assist before, during and after establishment.

Our program is individually designed to fit your specific investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We work in close collaboration with our clients, first to define their investment objectives, then to define their risk parameters and identify appropriate categories of investment. This provides an easy way for customers to consolidate their needs.

Why choose our company?

The reasons are fundamental:

  • Client focused and needs driven
  • Dedicated staff
  • Efficient and reliable work
  • Commitment to quality
  • Responsive service

The delivery of quality service starts with people, but it must also include operational capabilities. We have the experienced personnel and the sophisticated technology needed to process your demands in a timely manner. We offer development solutions for companies in:

Strategic Marketing

  • Explore potential applications for new products, technologies and services in the marketplace.
  • Evaluate scientific and commercial potential of innovations.
  • Document national government regulations.
  • Establish profile agents, distributors, contractors and research candidates.
  • Evaluate your domestic vulnerability, and assess the market risk particular to each country.
  • Assist companies in setting a pricing strategy and choosing distribution channels.
  • Adaptation of the products to the target markets.
  • Support your business development activities.

Handling of all correspondence and inquiries, translating and proofreading by native speakers of technical, promotional manuals, reports, proposals.

Operations – Investment

  • General and specific information about business climate and opportunities.
  • Organize visits and contact potential partners.
  • Conduct feasibility studies for local production and assembly.
  • Research local venture capital firms, potential investors and financial incentives programs at the national and regional levels.

Acquisitions – Partnerships

  • Create networking opportunities
  • Find candidates for acquisition, joint ventures, partnerships
  • Find sources of capital
  • Product / technology licensing in and out.

Our analytically services range from simple evaluations to detailed financial forecasts based upon in-depth research taking into consideration internal and external factors. The internal factors include :

  • Customer demographics
  • Target customer profiles
  • Business financial results
  • Customer perceptions and opinions
  • Employee perceptions and opinions
  • Other stakeholder perceptions and opinions
  • SWOT analysis of your business
  • Product and service quality
  • Evaluation

Whereas the external factors are mainly:

  • National, state and local trends
  • Industry trends
  • Recent industry facility development
  • Local market conditions
  • Competition SWOT analysis
  • Location and site analysis

In a constantly changing environment of regional competition, our experience is valuable in developing strategies linked to expanding global markets, forecasting regional development patterns, and analyzing the economic benefits of proposed development projects.

Management Consulting, Research & Development Services

Aren’t your staff giving the best of their resources?
Is your company facing complications to secure a deal or a merger?
Do you need to assess the risks that your company is facing?

We help companies develop the competitive strategy that is right for them and we stay until the strategy is fully implemented. Moreover, we can move the company forward through Program and Project Management consulting and training. We can train your staff in what they need to know to be practical and successful. Our method teaches your employee to identify the knowledge that is most important to manage, share and collaborate.


Our team is specialized in the analysis of mergers and acquisitions. A precise analysis of the factors involved becomes increasingly complex in transactions where there exists a differentiated product and where a standard financial analysis does not provide enough detail to produce a defensible measure of value. Our knowledge of and ready access to data sources for the detailed geographic and product market analysis often results in defensible assessments of the impact of the merger on price, market power and market value.

Risk Management:

Risk assessment techniques are used to evaluate the panoply of risks inherent in the operation of a global enterprise. Our industry experience and understanding of the inherent causes of risk enable us to present our clients with effective risk mitigation strategies and coherent solution to financial, operational and macroeconomic risks.
Through the application of reasoned economic analysis, our team helps companies successfully manage risks associated with management reporting; credit, interest rate, liquidity and funding; balancing the total cost of risk to financial risk analysis; the spillover effects from global macroeconomic conditions; contract design; investment policies; and earnings and cash flow volatility.
We are known for our high involvement techniques that result in a good strategy

E-Business Strategy Implementation

A source of expertise for adding value to a business. To be sustainable, an e-Strategy must satisfy all the business fundamentals. Our e-Strategy adds business value, not just technical whiz-bang. We have expertise in planning for business success. We have “been there and done that” for businesses when other technology waves arrived to give businesses additional assets and capabilities useful for success (distributed marketing, outsourcing, air-freight, over-night package delivery, phone/fax/e-mail, and now the Internet).

Operations Improvement/Reengineering

We can support your company with the best in class change management/operations integration of your big technology insertion. While the systems integrator focuses on managing the technical risk of the system implementation, we focus on ensuring that the user community is fully ready to use the advantages of the new system at go live.

Project and Program Management Services

Do you have a list of critical business initiatives or projects that absolutely must get done to succeed in the marketplace? Most companies know what those “hot projects” are, but lack the tools, methods and skilled resources for getting them done. We provide Project and Program Management Services to get -and keep – your company going on a contract basis, working under your direction with our training, methods and tools.
Our team not only knows first hand how to design a shared services organization, but also knows how to manage the organizational changes that are necessary to take advantage of the shared services concept.

Practical Knowledge Management

Otherways has a proven track record of helping companies to achieve dramatic improvements in their businesses through Practical Knowledge Management.
We help clients improve everything from identifying the knowledge that is most important to manage the company and retain the most knowledgeable employees, to technical architecture for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Economic Development & Consulting

We benefit from a strong technical base with a diversified staff of professionals. This combination allows us to provide a wide range of planning services for a variety of industries. Our consultants offer expertise in healthcare consulting, equipment planning, economics, organizational development, competition policy, commercial litigation, patents, franchising, strategy and public relations in order to help our clients lock into solutions that address the problem of the day as well as the big picture issues they face.
We offer assistance in the development of feasibility studies, competitive procurements, system economic analysis, and project management.

Our main focus is based on:
Amount of service provided
Quantity produced
Response time Cycle time (start to finish)
Conformance to industry/utility performance standards
Service quality or accuracy
Flexibility and adaptability in meeting needs

In almost all cases facilities and services are implemented as a result of a competitive procurement. We assist our clients in:
Preparing feasibility studies
Developing detailed risk/reward matrices
Preparing the request for proposal
Managing an objective proposal evaluation
Preparing a project specific financial analysis model
Providing consultation during negotiation

On a wider level, our experience in this field led us to conduct market research on a significant number of industrial products and services. Our extensive network of consultants provides our clients with direct access to highly qualified professionals in major capitals and business centers throughout the world. Our clients include corporations, governments, law firms, trade associations and international agencies. We devise practical solutions to highly complex business and legal issues, creating strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony and often, policy recommendations that reflect our specialization in industrial and financial economics. In this framework, our extensive experience in assessing the competitive process allows us to provide expert guidance to firms seeking to pursue new strategies. Such advice has included confidential guidance on the likely concerns raised by potential mergers and possible ways to meet these concerns, knowing that the globalization of the world’s economies and the impact of innovation on competitive policy have made antitrust laws and competition policy standards difficult to interpret and consistently apply across national boundaries. We often assess proposed practices prior to implementation and offer advice regarding whether a government is likely to challenge a proposed merger or competitive practice. We also deliver advice to companies and counsel throughout the regulatory review of a merger, or an investigation of alleged market power abuse or monopoly behavior and participate in presentations to regulatory agencies.

Moreover, our work frequently involves the analysis of detailed transaction or bidding data to obtain a clear picture of the effect, if any, of an alleged conspiracy. Analyses in such matters have been used to advise a company’s owner or board of directors of the company’s potential exposure.

On another hand, in the context of commercial litigation, our work and our testimony on the issue of inappropriate transfer of assets include the analysis of whether the transferor was or could reasonably have been believed to be solvent or adequately capitalized at the time of the transfer and whether adequate consideration was received. We go beyond simple accounting estimates of the solvency of a firm at a particular point in time, and instead, often investigate fundamental approaches to determining value, including the use of statistical analysis and option pricing formulas to estimate the probability that a firm would become bankrupt over some relevant time frame because a major element of bankruptcy is forecasting what a company’s future cash flows are likely to be.

Our economists combine economic principles, the knowledge of financial markets for both goods and services, and a vast industry experience to estimate damages for litigation and settlement negotiations. They play a critical role in assessing damages over patents, trademark and copyright infringement.

Our highly competent staff help companies structure better contracts by analyzing economic scenarios, suggesting clauses that accommodate each party’s economic goals and offering advice on ways to maximize best business practices for all parties. This extends to the areas of franchising, and the competitive effects of franchising across a variety of industries. We have particular expertise in identifying risks and structuring incentives in order to assure adequate financial reward at a minimum cost.

The economic analysis goes well beyond ordinary accounting conventions to assess costs and prices. We use rigorous economic principles to advise our clients on how to accurately design rates and prices. We help design complex pricing mechanisms for maximizing profit when demand is fragmented. Some of our clients call on our pricing experience to help them comply with price regulation. We advise clients across a variety of industries on appropriate access charges as a result of regulation as well as help them design optimal tariff structures.

In order to appreciate the impact of e-commerce, one needs to understand how new business models affect market behavior and market outcomes. The economics of transaction costs, network industries and innovation contain deep insights into the workings of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. Our understanding of these forces and experience in industries help us to develop our clients’ intuition about new economy trends. Such trends are linked to issues which are associated with international trade. Our areas of focus include trade policy, trade promotion, trade aspects of intellectual property rights and trade aspects of environmental protection. We benefit from strong links with a number of distinguished academic trade economists and with industry practitioners experienced in international trade matters.

We are also proud to advise that we provide counsel to public bodies, regulators and companies on how best to achieve efficiency improvements and fiscal balance through the design of institutional and regulatory frameworks.

Marketing Services Research & Planning

We are proud to reflect the creativity and diversity of 22 years of experience in marketing, serving consumers and businesses throughout the world.

A key element in the success of any business is a strategically planned and effectively implemented sales and marketing program.

However, pressure of work, speed of change and market forces mean that executives are often starved of the time and specialist resources needed to ensure their marketing and communications programs are performing to their maximum.

We offer a portfolio of strategy processes, creative vision, research, market analysis, and practical know-how.

In our information-based economy, companies with superior information own a true competitive advantage. Our data system enables your company to design, collect, analyze and report on data relevant to the marketing challenges you have to face. We help you define your research objectives, trial various research approaches and utilize primary and secondary data sources to collect information about market size, buyer behavior and trends that will most influence your company’s success. We show you how to build a knowledge warehouse of critical information components, including economic and social trends, market research and demographic characteristics. This allows you to better identify opportunities and isolate the particular markets and segments your business should focus on.

Our challenging marketing approach:

We are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with an integrated approach to solving their sales and marketing challenges. Unlike an advertising agency or public relations firm, we do not exist simply to sell ads to our customers or merely to promote their corporate images. We define an entire array of advertising, marketing and public relations efforts to accomplish each set of goals. Our efforts concentrate on enhancing and revitalizing your brand through a research-based and a customer-centered branding discipline. Our integrated branding services include: brand development, research, segmentation, SWOT analysis, identity development, strategic planning, targeting, messaging, program execution and measurement. Furthermore, knowing that promoting and preserving the corporate reputation is an essential component of the brand equation, we develop and execute a comprehensive range of tactic market research and telemarketing through to aggressive media campaigns, to research programs that demonstrate leadership and ensure consistent message delivery audiences over the long term.

How to reach your customers:

Customer retention programs are a powerful tool that helps you build and maintain a profitable relationship with your customers. We show you how to use communication tools, loyalty and discount programs, data analysis and technology to take advantage of every interaction your organization has.

Today it’s not enough to develop a good product, price it competitively and make it available to the marketplace – communicating and promoting your company’s value is a vital ingredient in the success of your business. For this reason, we use various communication platforms that create an interactive dialogue with customers and partners, making sure that your message is being heard and that you are receiving important feedback from the stakeholders in your organization. We teach you differentiation and positioning strategies that provide meaningful differences and distinguish your offering from your competitors, allowing your company to occupy a distinctive place in your target’s mind. Bringing differences together into a compelling and powerful message that gains awareness, holds interest, stokes desire and prompts action in your target audience is the final step in strategy development. We help you formulate a message that will solve the problems of what to say, how to say it logically and symbolically and who should say it.

Your company can increase its precision marketing by segmenting certain variables, organizing different classes of consumers and developing profiles of those resulting segments. This is where we can intervene: our targeting exercises help you evaluate the attractiveness of each segment and select the target markets that have the greatest reward potential for your business.

At otherways we help our clients shape their business strategy by anticipating the impact of regulation and competition on the profitability of a company or investment plan. Our overview of the forces affecting business strategy often results in a company’s ability to compete effectively within even the most difficult of market environments.

Our work includes developing models that produce total return projections based on different assumptions about future events, estimating the cost of capital, evaluating alternative methods for calculating long-term incremental costs and producing business models that reflect a variety of regulatory reforms at both the national and regional levels. This work also extends to new markets created as a result of e-commerce.

On a larger scale, our team assists firms in solving complex product and pricing problems using powerful survey techniques to price products, services and brand attributes, in particular the value that consumers place on particular intangible product characteristics such as brand name. Our conclusions help clients plan product strategy and technology requirements and estimate probable cash flow.

Otherways uses sophisticated quantitative survey research to determine how consumers will choose among different service/product configurations. We provide tactical advice to firms designing new services and pricing structures. Our analysis helps clients predict variables such as diffusion patterns even in the absence of historical data on similar services.

What do our services include?

  • Exploration of potential applications for new products, technologies and services in the marketplace.
  • Evaluation of scientific and commercial potential of innovations.
  • Documentation on national government regulations.
  • Establishing profile agents, distributors, contractors and research candidates.
  • Evaluation of your domestic vulnerability and assessment of the market risk particular to each country.
  • Assistance to your company in setting a pricing strategy and choosing distribution channels.
  • Handling of all correspondence and inquiries, translating and proofreading by native speakers of technical, promotional manuals, reports and proposals.

A brilliant strategic marketing plan counts for little if it is not implemented properly. Strategy and implementation are closely related. We follow up the implementation on your behalf through four sets of skills:

  • Diagnostic skills
  • Identification of company level
  • Implementation skills
  • Evaluation skills

And once implementation has been done, we work on expansion searching for unique opportunities for market awareness and revenue growth between companies with complementary goals and objectives.

In brief, we assist you to create channel marketing strategies, identify appropriate partners and develop co-marketing plans that leverage the strengths of each partner.

Human Resources Services

Because organizational excellence requires success from both the technical and human perspectives, we provide Human Resources outsourcing services to smaIl, medium and large companies in a cost effective manner to supplement current resources and to help growing companies meet peak needs for recruiting services and human resources support at a minimal cost.

What does our program involve?

  • Career management compensation
  • Health benefits and insurance
  • HR consulting
  • HR management
  • Labor relations
  • Organizational behavior
  • Recognition and incentives
  • Recruitment Relocation services
  • Retirement benefits and services
  • Safety and health
  • Staffing
  • Training, development and education
  • Testing, appraisal and evaluation

We help our clients lead organization-wide change, improve individual and team performance, and develop leadership. We are keen on developing a work environment where all employees are excited and committed to the organization’s goals and objectives, a work environment dedicated to providing superior customer service through performance excellence, full employee participation and professional and organizational growth. We also tailor a comprehensive system of services to meet specific needs through:

  • Needs Analysis – provides a clear understanding of our client’s business needs enabling us to tailor our services accordingly;
  • Customized training and problem solving solutions – provides proven and practical, yet innovative experiences that have maximum impact on our client’s success;
  • Implementation approaches – led by professionals with years of accumulated experience as internal managers and consultants; and
  • Evaluation systems- measuring the short-term and long-term impact of our efforts.

Clients rely on our consultants to be uncompromising in their analytics and a source for ideas and insights. We approach problems from an integrated, top-management perspective, taking into account the trade-offs that senior managers must make.

If you are looking for:

  • Leadership
  • Loyalty
  • Individual growth and organization
  • Commitment
  • Skills
  • Competence
  • Talent, vision and drive
  • Improvement
  • Performance
  • Minimized risk exposure

You can find:

  • Individual and organizational change management
  • Organization analysis and HR strategic planning
  • Job design and competency modeling
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Compensation and reward systems
  • Benefits design and management
  • Training and development
  • HR compliance and risk management

Because we mainly focus on:

  • Enhancing teamwork and communication
  • Conflict resolution management
  • Recruitment methodology
  • Employees’ performance appraisal systems.
  • In times of crisis HR is a major factor in the productivity of an enterprise. A well-managed staff can make all the difference. So can we.

Printing, Publicity & Campaigning

The development of audio-visual means plays a major role in communication nowadays. For this reason, and in order to promote our clients’ business in the best possible way, we offer them a full package of services including printing, publicity and campaigning.
Companies who wish to launch a media campaign can benefit from the following: Printing of all advertising material and promotional items, such as posters, banners, flyers, brochures, T-shirts, caps, mugs, pens and any other promotional and branding material using state-of-the-art techniques.

Films printing for press ads, in colors or in black and white.

As for outdoor material, you can take advantage of our billboards/unipoles located in the best areas, as well as from our Mobile Affiche that cover an extended zone.
Where can you place your ads and benefit from the best publicity?
You can rely on our team to choose the most appropriate means of advertising according to your products and your budget. You can even support your ATL campaign whether on TVC, radio, press or outdoor with a non expensive and attractive BTL campaign.
Here is a small description on how we proceed:

  • Client’s brief
  • Marketing objectives
  • Communication objectives
  • Market overview
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategy and recommendations
  • Target audience
  • Brand personality
  • Brand positioning
  • Creative brief
  • Creative applications
  • Public relations
  • Media development
  • Budget split

Our methods include accurate analysis of the brand, undertaking audits, questionnaires, store checks, vox pop, brand scan, brand print, etc. and of competitive framework covering package, taste, price, distribution channels, image mapping, communication media expenditure…
However, this procedure is often modified according to the clients’ needs and environment requisites.
In our campaigning policy, we also organize events and conferences in the framework of public relations. We work on the regional, local and international levels and our competence and skills entitle us to prepare and follow up any kind of events and back them up with ATL and BTL campaigns.
Our role starts with establishing a press office and organizing road shows for public relations, to finding sponsors, launching the advertising campaign and following up the event